This week I spoke with several great START-UPS. Nice product, passionate and smart CEOs, growth-focused culture but…all of them are struggling to find good people but yet they are receiving a lot of, what they describe as, ‘low quality un-relevant’ Resumes.

Here are 3 simple quick things you can do NOW to take your company’s hiring process to the next level:

1. Get an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as soon as possible.

This would help you to re-think your hiring process and save A LOT of time, which translates into reducing costs. There are so many great recruitment tools including a newly released Google Hire Trust me you would never want to go back to your Word docs, Google docs, Excel, etc.

ATS tools are relatively inexpensive and easy to sign up. You will be able to keep all your hiring data in one central place, manage communication, interviews, evaluations, reporting, and more.

2Really, and I mean, really focus on your candidate experience. Your candidate experience is your company’s brand. If you want to hire great people, you need to treat your candidates as you would your clients/ customers.

Is your process too long? Do you share your company mission and values with your candidates even before you start the interviewing process? How long does it take for you to reply to applicant’s interest? Is it a generic letter or a well written note that shows your appreciation for your candidate’s time. Personalization really does play an important part here.

3. Create a Mini – Career page that talks about your company culture, ideally has videos, is engaging and ‘sells’ the company to your future employee.

Tell people who you are and what you are about. As the saying goes – people buy from people, same applies to hiring – people want to work with people who share similar interests/ values as themselves.

These 3 quick hacks will put your company brand ahead of your competition and help you hire top employees.