Main Services

Candidate Sourcing

We create and implement a tailored sourcing strategy that delivers top-notch candidates to address your hiring needs. Our track record includes sourcing for top start-ups and SMEs in the US and Europe.

Resume Screening

Our Expert Recruiters are highly trained to spot the right talent. We have years of experience in resumes screening having worked with thousands of candidates.

Phone & Video Interviewing

We use behavioral and competency-based assessment tools when conducting phone and video interviews to deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

Check References

We deliver phone reference checks using a tried-and-tested process to deliver quality and consistency.

Recruitment Process Consulting

Our Recruitment Experts have over 15 years of experience working with top companies, helping them to attract and hire Top Talent. We have developed proprietary sourcing and screening methodologies to achieve the best results. We will show you how to attract and engage with candidates using the very same strategies as if you were a Fortune 100 Business.

Creating & Reviewing Job Profiles

Does your job post stand out? Are you attracking the right talent? We will help you create powerful authentic job profiles that speak to your dream candidate. Using your company's tone of voice we will make sure that your jobs stand out.

Implementing Employer Brand

In today's competitive market your Employer Brand is your powerful tool to attract and engage a steady pipeline of candidates. Your Employer Brand is as important as your Company Brand because it tells candidates what is it really like to work here. We can work with you to translate your company's values, mission and team culture into an appealing genuine Employer Brand.

Review, Design and Implement 360 Recruitment Process Best Practices

How does your Recruitment Process stack up against your competitors'? Is it fair and consistent? Does it encourage diversity? We have worked many top start-ups and SMEs and help then design and implement a proven recruitment process that translates into first-class candidate experience.

Review & Develop Assessment Material Competency Based

Our Recruitment Practices are based on a results-driven framework that allows you to assess and measure candidates' skills and abilities. We have experience working with many Hiring Managers to put together a consistent and fair competency-based assessment framework to decide on the right candidate.

Creating & Reviewing Company Career Website

98% of candidates are going to checkout your website when applying for a job. Do you have a career page that tells your potential employees what you are all about? We will help you to design and implement your company's career page in order to showcase your company's team culture.

Job Profiles
Employer Brand
Recruitment Processes
Asessment Material
Career Website

For start-ups

Agile and affordable services

Whether you already have a recruitment process or need to create one from scratch, agility, consistency and authenticity are the key factors that would help you to stay competitive when it comes to human capital. Our Expert Consultants have recruited for many start-ups and understand all the nuances of hiring in this sector. We will offer you the expertise and the flexibility to scale up and down depending on your current needs. Allowing you to always have the right talent.

For SMEs

Your in-house recruitment partner

Every company large or small wants to attract top talent in order to make a real impact within the industry. However, if you are a small or medium size company, how do you compete against the big well-known companies for the top talent without breaking the bank. We will provide you the expertise and know-how to sell your brand as a premium in order to find the perfect match to join your work family, while saving you money and time.